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Here are some templates to download to use to create your own artwork for jewel cases, DVD cases / insert and disc label for direct disc printing. When creating art be sure to create at least 300dpi, CYMK and allow 1/8" bleed if art background extends to the edge. (templates indicate these areas) Contact us if any questions.

Jewel case front
Jewel case tray liner (back)
DVD Case Sleeve
DVD Case Insert (optional)
2 panel cardboard jacket
4 panel cardboard jacket
(2 page pdf file)
CD & DVD Direct Print on White Hub Printable (for color or b&w print)
CD & DVD Direct Print on Silver Regular Center Printable (for b&w print only)

Artwork Info
To save the template files click on the correct download link. This will let you save the template on to your local computer.

As long as your designs match our template layouts then there should be no problem with the printing. Please make sure you follow the guides and leave sufficient bleed when background or an image is to extend to the edge (all templates indicate where art is to be positioned).

Adobe Photoshop
If you are preparing the artwork using Photoshop, you will need to import the PDF template into photoshop and ensure the conversion settings are at 300dpi resolution and that the color scheme is CMYK.

Again use this layer as a guide to place your design onto. When saving the files use PDF settings and try and ensure the text remains embedded or as vector format. You can check this by opening the saved PDF file in Acrobat reader, then zooming in on the text and it should remain absolutely sharp. Again the PDF file settings should be as above.

Adobe Illustrator
If you are preparing your artwork using Illustrator, you can directly open the PDF template from within Adobe Illustrator and then use the templates to lay your artwork onto.

When saving your files, make sure the files are saved at the highest PDF quality available, ensuring the resolution is 300dpi, colors are in CMYK format and that all font sets are embedded or converted to curves or outlines. Save the PDF as Press quality.

Alternatively, If nececessary and you know your artwork is at the right size for the template, and placement, you may remove all the guides entirely and save your file as a MAXIMUM resolution JPEG file, again at 300dpi, CMYK format. JPEG save settings should be at the highest quality level.

Please note that JPEGS do not produce the same text clarity as embedded PDF fonts or text converted to vector outlines when working in Photoshop or similar image editing program and saved as a PDF.

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